Should you be filing? 


Why should our organization hire a professional third party like AlphaPlus to manage the claims recovery process?



Investment professionals hire AlphaPlus for our expertise, performance and cost efficiencies. AlphaPlus can help reduce the drag on internal resources so they can continue to be used towards their core organizational focus of managing money. The securities industry experts at AlphaPlus work to deliver the maximum value from every securities class action settlement, while providing complete transparency around the claims filing process. Our services also help institutional investors meet fiduciary obligations related to claims filing.


Asset managers, investment advisors and other institutional investor organizations alike that are managing client assets, and are not currently filing claims for settlement dollars in security class action cases may want to consider using a third-party claims management company like Alphaplus. 


AlphaPlus Portfolio Recovery helps institutional investors satisfy those fiduciary duties by providing a robust and comprehensive turn-key securities class action claims processing platform that combines the most current and accurate case information, automated data analysis and processing capabilities, and advanced reporting technology to help yield superior results for our clients and their trusted investors. 

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